Anthony C.

Hello, let me first say that I’ve needed physical therapy for years but had been too stubborn to seek it. After my primary doctor ordered PT, Divine Spine was recommended by a close friend so I figured I would give them a try. I attended my first session and got a good vibe from the staff, Dr Mitch was comprehensive with his questions and test to get an accurate measurement of where I was at and how to get me on the path to wellness. I have been struggling with low back pain and issues since middle school, and having just turned 40 I didn’t want to fight through the pain any more Dr. Mitch told me he would help me and he was a man of his word. He set me up with specific exercises to strengthen what he identified as my week points, gave me suggestions for posture and self-correction, and had a positive, fun attitude the whole way through. He didn’t give me some cookie cutter, one size fits all program. He tailored my plan to me specifically and before being discharged, retested me and the measurable improvements were mind blowing. I originally planned to only attend one or two sessions, having had minimal progress with other techniques in the past, but I kept returning and stayed the course. I’m happy I did because this has helped me beyond words. I do not know how to articulate it any clearer the experience I had with Dr. Mitch and Dr. Rutvi.