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Specialized Group Yoga Classes

At Divine spine, we offer specialize group yoga asana classes focusing on specific needs of the patients. The theme of these classes are:

  • Back care yoga classes
  • Chair yoga classes for seniors
  • Yoga classes for people working on the desk

Each of the class includes 60 minutes of Yoga asana and Pranayama (breathing work) emphasizing on physical and mental wellbeing. No previous Yoga asana experience is necessary. Number of participants will be limited per classes.

Why take group yoga classes with Rutvi?

Rutvi as an expert physical therapist has extensive knowledge in the field of biomechanics of the body. Further she is hatha yoga teacher and practitioner since many years. She has been combining the knowledge of these two fields to customize and modify yoga postures based on patients’ need.

Back care Yoga classes:
The back care exercise classes can be beneficial to individuals who are suffering with back pain, sciatica disc disorders, arthritis, spinal stenosis, spondylolisthesis, facet joint disorder or spinal stiffness. This can also be useful if you have sedentary occupation like sitting all day on the desk. It is targeted towards both beginner as well as experienced yoga asana practioners.

Chair Yoga classes:
The chair yoga classes can be beneficial to individuals who love to take a Yoga class, but getting down on a mat and then getting back up again is a challenge for them. This class is gentle, nurturing and non-competitive in nature. We sit in chairs and/or stand using the chairs for support. Class includes Pranayama- Yoga breathing, Asana-poses, and relaxation. No previous Yoga experience is necessary to take these classes.

Yoga classes for people working on the desk
Working all day long on a desk can take a huge toll on the body. These yoga classes are specifically devised for people working on the chair. With these classes we focus on relaxation and joint mobility from head to toe with special emphasize on spine. Participants will also get tips on improving their sitting postures.

Please fill out the following form to register for the class. Alternatively, you can also call us @908-444-6055 for more information.