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Flexibility Training

Developing flexibility is an important goal of any musculoskeletal recovery. Achieving optimum flexibility helps eliminate awkward and inefficient movement by allowing joints to move freely through a full normal ROM, and it may also provide increased resistance to muscle injury. Improving flexibility is a fundamental element of any training program because ROM may enhance the ability to perform various movement skills, especially those that require a high level of flexibility (i.e., serving a tennis ball, picking up a bag of groceries off the floor) It is important to note that while great athletes may have above-average flexibility, this may not be why they are successful. The goal of flexibility training is not to get to a point at which the client has no joint stability, but rather to achieve strength combined with flexibility that can allow the client to better control his or her movements.

Flexibility training is also important in injury prevention. Among the more common problems seen in individuals with poor flexibility is lower back pain potentially resulting from tight quadriceps, iliopsoas, and back muscles (and possibly a corresponding weakness in the abdominal muscles and hamstrings). A lack of flexibility may also increase the incidence of muscle tears resulting from tight muscles on one or both sides of a joint. (Reference:

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