Patient Testimonials

  • Rutvi Patel is an excellent Physical Therapist. She gives her undivided attention to patients individually. I had a wonderful experience while getting treated by her for my back pain. She treated me with such care which helped me get back to my routine without any pain. She also helped me achieve all my recovery goals.

    Neha P.

  • The name Divine Spine ~ State the Experience that will be experience!!!..Since my Car accident Nov 20, 2016, my right shoulder has not been functional, severe pain, lack of mobility. I begin seeking treatment at a highly recommended Physical therapy where I began to play musical chairs with their High Tech equipment and no true results. I became frustrated and hopeless and decided to look for another Therapy. I went on the reviews where Divine Spine received 5 STARS!!! So I decided to make an appointment and was truly lost for words by Dr. Rutvi Knowledge and manual manipulation of her Divine hands. Within 2 weeks, my shoulder had greatly improved. The 1 & 1 service offered is truly priceless. I am very thankful for the services offered from the heart. I am looking forward to the other services.
    Miranda J.

  • I am 76 years old and I received Physical Therapy at many places for my Knee Pain after Knee replacement Surgery with very little or no improvement till I went to Divine Spine Physical Therapy where my Knee Pain is completely gone in a short time. I recommend anyone in need of Physical Therapy to visit to Divine Spine Physical Therapy and get Therapy with great therapist Rutvi.
    Surenda K.

  • No wonder this place has got 5 stars from everyone! Rutvi, the owner and lead therapist has magic in her hands. I was suffering from so much neck, back, shoulder and arm pain, she not only understood the problem but dedicatedly worked on it and that’s the reason that I am all fit now. She is never in hurry, gives you needed time and attention and provides the right advice. She was God sent to me.. I wish you all the best and success Rutvi that you deserve!
    Kavita S.

  • Very dedicated and hard-working therapist, Rutvi, who is extremely dedicated, hard-working and focus on patients care and needs. I am never bored and my therapist always keeps me engaged.
    Afroz Z.

  • Rutvi Patel is an excellent professional Therapist. She takes personal interest and dedicates herself to expiditely cure the patient with TLC. I certainly recommend her as your next therapist should you need one.
    Shagufta M.

  • Excellent therapy, personal attention and effective exercises. Gives 100% time for every visit. Suggested exercises to do at home.
    Shital S.

  • She did a wonderful job on my neck and back; now she is working on my shoulder. Most importantly, she is a really nice and friendly person and pays close attention to my pain needs. I came across her office details in an online search without knowing anything, but I am glad I did because she is great! Give her a try and you will see a difference!
    Jane J.

  • Googled physical therapy around Monroe and found Divine therapy, decided to give it a try. Scheduling appointment was quick and easy. Therapist is very detailed and asked all the pertinent questions to make sure your treatment plan targets your pain points. She is very nice, detail oriented, genuinely cares about your recovery, and wants you to get better. I would highly recommend her as your PT.
    Wenty L.

  • I highly recommend Divine Spine Physical Therapy – a place to get healed. Rutvi is a great therapist.
    Vihita P.

  • If you are looking for a place for your Physical Therapy Need, Divine Spine Physical Therapy is the place you want to go. I have been to other Physical Therapy places where their goal is more to make money than paying personal attention. This place is run by the owner. If you are looking for personal caring attention, someone who really wanted to see you recover quickly, no better place to go but here. Rutvi (the owner)s very knowledgeable and cares for what she does. I strongly recommend this to one who are looking for genuine treatment. She spends Hour plus with you to make sure you are not slacking. I have had so far 5 sessions and I see the improvement in my feet.
    Sunny P.

  • Great results in just 5 sessions with personal one on one physical therapy.
    Joyce S.

  • Had a great one on one experience with detailed explanations. Was cured completely in a few sessions.
    Shameer K.

  • Hands on PT, one on one. Knowledgable and professional staff, listens to you and designs a program to help you. Great results.
    Alan L.

  • Divine Spine provides individually tailored treatment for your needs. You are never rushed out or made to wait. Rutvi provides her 100% attention and truly cares for her patients’ journey to recovery. Divine Spine is out of network as far as my insurance is concerned, but I still choose to come here. That alone should speak about the quality of care I continue to receive. Thank you, Rutvi!
    Tanya P.

  • I have been in treatment with Divine Spine for five months after a traumatic accident and a severe injury to my ankle. Both Rutvi and Mitch through their extreme expertise and caring have enabled me to make tremendous strides in my recovery. I highly recommend Divine Spine to anyone.
    James D.

  • Rutvi Patel has magic hands. When I started with her in December I suffered with Sciata pain. I no longer have that pain. She works on my neck pain and relieves that area. I have recommended her to a number of my friends who now use Divine Spine also.
    Frances C.

  • Very nice and friendly doctor. Listen you and explain everything very well. Highly recommend physical therapy center.
    Jigna P.

  • Rutvi is genius at providing physical therapy. She is extremely skilled and very professional, and at the same time warm and caring. She has helped me so much to diminish my pain and to add strength and endurance. I have found vast improvement from back and leg pain thanks to her skilled regimen.
    Edward L.

  • Passionate therapist!! Dr. Rutvi is thorough. She understand patients needs quiet very well.
    I would highly recommend her to any patient who would need physical therapy.
    Bhawna K.

  • Rutvi is a great Physical Therapist. She will get you back on your feet pain free in no time.I highly recommend her services.
    Joe L.

  • Rutvi is extremely skilled, professional, warm and caring. She has helped me so much to add strength and endurance. Highly recommend Divine Spine physical therapy.
    Salini K.

  • Rutvi is a very professional, caring, warm and amazing PT. She provides total attention to patients and focuses on one patient at a time. She helped me in managing my neck and shoulder concerns in a very short time. I would highly recommend her.
    Pranathi N.

  • After moving to Monroe I suffered from herniated disc in my lower back. I was in terrible pain and was unable to move. My husband was looking for a good physical therapy center and after calling several centers he found Divine Spine. The physical therapist there was nice enough to give us a quick appointment which no other center did. This center unlike any other center focuses on one patient at a time . So you get one hour of complete attention . Rutvi the physical therapist is an experienced therapist and is also a yoga specialist. I could feel the difference in just two sessions. Thanks to Divine Spine I am all good now.
    Neetu C.

  • Hello, let me first say that I’ve needed physical therapy for years but had been too stubborn to seek it. After my primary doctor ordered PT, Divine Spine was recommended by a close friend so I figured I would give them a try. I attended my first session and got a good vibe from the staff, Dr Mitch was comprehensive with his questions and test to get an accurate measurement of where I was at and how to get me on the path to wellness. I have been struggling with low back pain and issues since middle school, and having just turned 40 I didn’t want to fight through the pain any more Dr. Mitch told me he would help me and he was a man of his word. He set me up with specific exercises to strengthen what he identified as my week points, gave me suggestions for posture and self-correction, and had a positive, fun attitude the whole way through. He didn’t give me some cookie cutter, one size fits all program. He tailored my plan to me specifically and before being discharged, retested me and the measurable improvements were mind blowing. I originally planned to only attend one or two sessions, having had minimal progress with other techniques in the past, but I kept returning and stayed the course. I’m happy I did because this has helped me beyond words. I do not know how to articulate it any clearer the experience I had with Dr. Mitch and Dr. Rutvi.
    Anthony C.

  • Rutvi is amazing and caring to each person that enters her practice. She goes above and beyond to accommodate a time that is convenient and schedules her patients so that there is no waiting to be seen. I can’t say enough about the pleasant experience I have had with her. The therapist who worked with me was Mitch. Mitch is a hands on professional who makes sure that his patients meet their maximum in the healing process. I highly recommend Mitch for complex cases. I had a total knee replacement and needed a therapist who was able to work me through the pain that I had in order to achieve the maximum flexibility possible. Mitch helped me to achieve this goal. If you are looking for a therapist to help u achieve your maximum potential Mitch is your therapist!
    Barbara D.

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    I have made noticeable improvement after only 3 weeks of therapy. The treatment is designed completely around me and it was non-invasive!
    I highly recommend Divine Spine Physical Therapy.

    Jerry K.

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    After only a few visits, the pain went away! I have been very happy with the results that I received. I see why Ms. Patel came so highly recommended!

    Bernadette W.

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    The staff is friendly! I have seen results and I love coming to the facility for treatment. They are very knowledgeable. Thank you!

    Lisa M.